Alyson DIXON

Passport photo of 160580-dixon-alyson Great Britain

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born24 September 1978Age
Height156 cm Weight41 kg
Club / TeamSunderland Strollers
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
3000m9:27.1h30 May 2015ManchesterOutdoor
5000m915:53.4630 Jun 2013WatfordOutdoor
10,000m332:55.3616 May 2015LondonOutdoor
10 miles1157:4024 Oct 2010PortsmouthOutdoor
5 miles127:4704 Jul 2018NewcastleOutdoor
10km32:1706 Sep 2015MiddlesbroughOutdoor
Half Marathon1870:3829 Mar 2014KøbenhavnOutdoor
Marathon142:29:0623 Apr 2017LondonOutdoor