Mathilde DESWAEF

Passport photo of 162536-deswaef-mathilde Belgium

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Born18 February 1999Age
Club / TeamWS
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
800m82:08.3728 Jul 2018NinoveOutdoor
1000m42:47.8402 Aug 2017Sint-NiklaasOutdoor
1500m44:18.5502 Jun 2018OordegemOutdoor
3000m79:47.6001 May 2018HerentalsOutdoor
5000m117:23.2826 Aug 2018MouscronOutdoor
5 km1416:5531 Dec 2018TrierOutdoor
800m32:12.8003 Mar 2018GentIndoor
1000m22:53.5025 Feb 2017GentIndoor
1500m34:25.4510 Feb 2018GentIndoor
3000m19:57.5923 Feb 2018GentIndoor