Katharina HEINIG

Passport photo of 131015-heinig-katharina Germany

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Born22 August 1989Age
Club / TeamN/A
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
800m2:11.1301 Jun 2005PfungstadtOutdoor
1500m4:29.1302 Jun 2006WiesbadenOutdoor
3000m19:32.4124 Jun 2007SchweinfurtOutdoor
5000m16:48.5415 Jun 2007EssenOutdoor
5 km116:0715 Apr 2018KorschenbroichOutdoor
10km433:0426 Mar 2016PaderbornOutdoor
25 km21:34:3614 May 2017BerlinOutdoor
Half Marathon772:4408 Apr 2018BerlinOutdoor
Marathon52:28:3425 Sep 2016BerlinOutdoor
1500m44:31.0419 Feb 2006LeipzigIndoor
3000m19:44.3713 Jan 2007HanauIndoor