Christoph HARTING

Passport photo of 154965-harting-christoph Germany

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born10 April 1990Age
Height205 cm Weight117 kg
Club / TeamSCC Berlin
Olympic Champion 2016Discus Throw
8th at World Championships 2015Discus Throw
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
Shot Put (6kg)418.1309 Aug 2009RhedeOutdoor
Shot Put217.7503 Jun 2012BerlinOutdoor
Discus Throw (1.5kg)58.7223 May 2007CottbusOutdoor
Discus Throw (1.75kg)556.1716 May 2009WiesbadenOutdoor
Discus Throw168.3713 Aug 2016Rio de JaneiroOutdoor
Shot Put (6kg)617.1316 Feb 2008DüsseldorfIndoor
Shot Put217.2623 Jan 2011BerlinIndoor
Discus Throw264.3413 Feb 2016BerlinIndoor