Laura MUIR

Passport photo of 137469-muir-laura Great Britain

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born09 May 1993Age
Height162 cm Weight54 kg
Club / TeamDund H
World Indoor Bronze Medallist 20183000m
2 European Indoor Golds 20171500m
4th at World Championships 20171500m
5th at World Championships 20151500m
6th at World Championships 20175000m
7th at Olympic Games 20161500m
European U23 Championships Bronze Medallist 20131500m
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
400m155.36i16 Jan 2016GlasgowOutdoor
800m51:58.6906 Jul 2017LausanneOutdoor
1000m12:31.93i18 Feb 2017BirminghamOutdoor
1500m13:55.2227 Aug 2016Saint-DenisOutdoor
One Mile24:18.0309 Jul 2017LondonOutdoor
Mile, road14:3410 Sep 2016GatesheadOutdoor
3000m18:26.41i04 Feb 2017KarlsruheOutdoor
5000m114:49.12i04 Jan 2017GlasgowOutdoor
400m155.3616 Jan 2016GlasgowIndoor
800m11:59.6928 Jan 2018GlasgowIndoor
1500m14:02.3904 Mar 2017BeogradIndoor