Carla Salomé ROCHA

Passport photo of 129558-rocha-carla-salome Portugal

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Born25 April 1990Age
Club / TeamN/A
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
1500m24:21.37i22 Feb 2014PombalOutdoor
3000m29:10.86i17 Feb 2013PombalOutdoor
5000m315:52.1727 Jul 2014LisboaOutdoor
10,000m432:05.8221 May 2016LondonOutdoor
10km132:2315 Dec 2013PortoOutdoor
Half Marathon972:1214 Oct 2018LisboaOutdoor
Marathon82:25:2716 Sep 2018BerlinOutdoor
2000m Steeplechase16:48.8502 Jun 2007BragaOutdoor
3000m Steeplechase29:51.9112 May 2012LisboaOutdoor
1500m24:21.3722 Feb 2014PombalIndoor