Fernanda RIBEIRO

Passport photo of 133352-ribeiro-fernanda Portugal

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born23 June 1969Age
Height160 cm Weight50 kg
Club / TeamFCP
Olympic Champion 199610,000m
World Champion 199510,000m
2 World Championships Silvers 19955000m
Olympic Bronze Medallist 200010,000m
World Championships Bronze Medallist 19975000m
World Indoor Bronze Medallist 19973000m
European Champion 199410,000m
2 European Indoor Golds 19943000m
European Silver Medallist 199810,000m
European Indoor Silver Medallist 19983000m
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
1500m14:05.9712 Jul 1997FunchalOutdoor
One Mile14:32.6622 May 1999LisboaOutdoor
2000 m15:37.8821 Jun 1996LisboaOutdoor
3000m38:30.6604 Aug 1999MonacoOutdoor
5000m114:36.4522 Jul 1995HechtelOutdoor
10,000m330:22.8830 Sep 2000SydneyOutdoor
10 miles455:0928 Oct 2007PortsmouthOutdoor
5 km415:3508 May 2004BalmoralOutdoor
10km231:5609 Apr 2006DublinOutdoor
15 km351:0329 Jun 2009PortoOutdoor
Half Marathon368:2326 Mar 2000LisboaOutdoor
Marathon62:29:4823 Apr 2006HamburgOutdoor
800m12:05.7118 Jan 1998EspinhoIndoor
1500m14:09.2801 Feb 2003EspinhoIndoor
2000 m5:37.3428 Feb 1996ValenciaIndoor