Passport photo of 160399-schafer-carolin Germany

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born05 December 1991Age
Height176 cm Weight66 kg
Club / TeamLG Eintracht Frankfurt
World Championships Silver Medallist 2017Heptathlon
5th at Olympic Games 2016Heptathlon
World Junior Champion 2008Heptathlon
World Youth Championships Silver Medallist 2007Heptathlon Girls
European Junior Champion 2009Heptathlon
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
60m17.86i13 Jan 2007HanauOutdoor
150m117.3512 May 2017NeuwiedOutdoor
200mH23.2724 Jun 2017RatingenOutdoor
800mH2:14.1031 May 2015GötzisOutdoor
60m Hurdles18.45i16 Jan 2016FrankfurtOutdoor
60m Hurdles (76.2cm)P8.55i26 Jan 2008Frankfurt-KalbachOutdoor
100m Hurdles, 76.2 cm13.9701 Jul 2007GelnhausenOutdoor
100m HurdlesH13.0724 Jun 2017RatingenOutdoor
High JumpH1.8627 May 2017GötzisOutdoor
Long JumpH6.5728 May 2017GötzisOutdoor
Shot Put (3kg)P12.13i28 Jan 2007Frankfurt-KalbachOutdoor
Shot PutH14.8405 Aug 2017LondonOutdoor
Javelin ThrowH50.7326 Jun 2016RatingenOutdoor
Pentathlon, youth33,870.00i28 Jan 2007Frankfurt-KalbachOutdoor
Pentathlon14098i01 Feb 2009HamburgOutdoor