Nafissatou THIAM

Passport photo of 161769-thiam-nafissatou Belgium

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born19 August 1994Age
Height184 cm Weight69 kg
Club / TeamN/A
Olympic Champion 2016Heptathlon
World Champion 2017Heptathlon
European Indoor Champion 2017Pentathlon
European Indoor Silver Medallist 2015Pentathlon
European Bronze Medallist 2014Heptathlon
World Championships finalist 2015Heptathlon
8th at World Indoor Championships 2014High Jump
European Junior Champion 2013Heptathlon
European U23 Championships Silver Medallist 2015High Jump
4th at World Youth Championships 2011Heptathlon Girls
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
60m17.81i12 Jan 2013DourOutdoor
200mH24.4027 May 2017GötzisOutdoor
800mH2:15.2428 May 2017GötzisOutdoor
60m HurdlesP8.23i03 Mar 2017BeogradOutdoor
100m Hurdles, 76.2 cmH14.5108 Jul 2011Villeneuve d'AscqOutdoor
100m HurdlesH13.3427 May 2017GötzisOutdoor
High JumpH1.9812 Aug 2016Rio de JaneiroOutdoor
Long JumpH6.5813 Aug 2016Rio de JaneiroOutdoor
Triple Jump112.8214 Sep 2014MouscronOutdoor
Shot Put115.35i08 Feb 2017ParisOutdoor
Javelin ThrowH59.3228 May 2017GötzisOutdoor
Triathlon13052.00i09 Feb 2018EaubonneOutdoor
Pentathlon14870i03 Mar 2017BeogradOutdoor
Heptathlon1701328 May 2017GötzisOutdoor
Heptathlon Girls4536609 Jul 2011Villeneuve d'AscqOutdoor