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2015 Women's Leadership Award Artwork Contest winning entry by Geoffroy Jadoul

Bring out your paints, brushes, pencils, sketch pads and digital design programmes and start creating!

You are invited to assist European Athletics with the recognition of women who are making a difference in athletics by producing a piece of art that will become the main prize for the 2017 European Athletics Women’s Leadership Awards.

One piece of work will be selected by a public vote from the entries submitted to the competition. It will be professionally reproduced so that copies can be presented to the award winners at the European Athletics Golden Tracks Awards Night and at national ceremonies in the following months.  

The creator of the selected work will receive a commission of 1,000 CHF and the contest is open to anyone - female or male - living in the 50 countries served by European Athletics. Students of art, design and related fields are especially encouraged to enter.

The 2009 winning artwork piece by Parisa Parsa Baro.
The 2009 winning artwork piece by Parisa Parsa Baro.


Entry Specifications  

Entries may be a painting, drawing or mixed media print in A4 size (21 x 29.7cm).  

Entries should express the following themes and  ideas:


  • The sport of athletics (running, jumping, throwing, walking) and the sport’s associated values (competition, health & fitness, discipline, education, quality of life)
  • Women
  • Leadership
  • Strength
  • Celebration  

Entries can be submitted online by clicking here. It is also possible to submit entries by post to:

European Athletics Artwork Contest

Avenue Louis Ruchonnet, 16

CH-1003 Lausanne


Please note that on the written request of the artist, European Athletics will endeavour to return entries submitted by post but we cannot assume responsibility for the return condition of any of the entries submitted.  

Entries should include the following information about the artist as an appendix:

Entry Deadline  

  • First and last name
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number  

The deadline for the submission of entries is 30 July 2017.  

Shortlist and Final Selection

A European Athletics-appointed jury will identify a shortlist of four to six entries from those submitted by the deadline. The criteria will be:

The winner will be selected from the shortlisted entries by a public vote that will take place on European Athletics’ Facebook and Twitter accounts in the month of August.  

  • Quality and attractiveness
  • Appropriate expression of the requested themes and idea

The winning entry announced at the end of August.


On selection the ownership and future use rights of the winning entry are transferred to European Athletics.  


The biennial European Athletics Women’s Leadership Awards were created in 2009 to recognise and celebrate women’s leaders in the sport of athletics.

Each of European Athletics’ 50 Member Federations are asked to identify one winner for her work and accomplishments as a coach, volunteer, administrator or elected official - anything other than for success in competition. The main criterion is “a significant contribution that serves as an example of leadership and other values of the sport of athletics”.  

The national winner of Switzerland will be invited to European Athletics Golden Tracks Awards Night in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 14 October 2017 to receive the first of the awards and artwork prizes on behalf of all the national winners.  The other winners will receive their awards and artwork prizes in local ceremonies organised by their national Member Federations.

For more information on the European Athletics Women’s Leadership Awards and the artwork prize competition, please visit here or contact Marc Sintes at: marc.sintes@european-athletics.org.