Young Leaders use social media to spread their skills

Young Leaders prepare for a future of service
European Athletics

One of the many success stories of European Athletics over the course of the last decade has been the development and growth of the Young Leaders Community.

The Community is a platform for active young people who are interested in developing work and life skills, community service and making new friends, particularly within the context of our sport.

Further details of the Young Leaders Community can be found here but one area in which Young Leaders have been particularly adept at using their skill and transferring their knowledge has been via social media.

The Athletics Community page on Facebook has become a vibrant vehicle for discussion and looking at important topics that affect out sport and we have provided some links below to blogs written by Young Leaders which address some of these issues.

Nikoleta Alexandrova, from Bulgaria, looked closely at volunteers, the motivation behind volunteering and why people do it.

Hugo Klienpeter, from France, related his experiences in Norway during his Eramus year there.

Ieva Blusina, from Latvia, talked about the Young Leaders Forum and how it has had an impact on her career, especially as she now works for her national athletics federation.

Every two years, the European Athletics-UNESCO Young Leaders Forum is staged in conjunction with the European Athletics Championships.

In 2016, the fifth edition of the Forum in Amsterdam drew 61 participants from 47 countries to exchange ideas about the planning of local projects and hear inspirational speakers including athletics icon and IAAF President Sebastian Coe and European Athletics President Svein Arne Hansen.

The next European Athletics-UNESCO Young Leaders Forum will be held on the occasion of the Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championships.