Calling on volunteers for the Euro Champs 2018

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The volunteer search has started with more than a year to go until the 24th European Athletics Championships in Berlin.

Where will we find them?

Let’s take a visit to Berlin zoo – in pursuit of this very special species.

In German ‘tier’ means animal, so surely we must find The Volun-tier here!

Believe it or not, without the roles of the volunteers – or volun-tier – a sporting event of the size of the European Athletics Championships could not take place.

But as our video shows, we have looked everywhere.

There are ‘tiers’ all around. There are lions, there are giraffes, there are fish, there are birds but we cannot find what we are looking.

The visitors cannot help and even when we ask, we are told they have been lent to another zoo.

Our mission has failed…so, athletics fans around Europe, if you read this and see this, please help us in our aim and become a volunteer for next summer.

We are looking for more than 2,000 volunteers for roles from transportation, accommodation, accreditation, visitor services and many more for the championships which take place in Berlin’s iconic Olympic Stadium from 7-12 August 2018.

It is the first time the city has staged this spectacular event and it will be creating history as part of the inaugural multisport European Championships with co-host Glasgow.

In Scotland, from August 2-12, the European Championships in aquatics, cycling, gymnastics, golf, rowing and triathlon will take place in conjunction with the athletics in Berlin.

Here's what to do.

If you would like to be part of Germany´s largest sports event in 2018, go to the registration portal at

Good luck - we look forward to seeing you in Berlin.

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