Christian Milz (SUI)


Tel: (41 21) 313 43 50

In addition to being an Executive Board member, Christian leads European Athletics' operational activities, and is in charge of the promotion of European Athletics, fostering good relations with European Athletics Member Federations, the IAAF and other partners.

His tasks include:

- Collaborating with the European Athletics President and Executive Board to identify opportunities and initiatives to work towards European Athletics' strategic goals.

- Ensuring compliance with the European Athletics Constitution as well as organisational rules, policies and procedures and to advise on the necessity of new or revised additions to these.

- Developing thought leadership with the Head Office and keeping the commitment and motivation of staff members on a high level.

- Reviewing the organisational structure regularly and making recommendations for changes as necessary.

- Creating a collaborative work structure that enables staff to deliver the outcomes of strategic decisions, leading to outstanding services for all key stakeholders.

- Delegating authority to execute his general responsibilities to lead, motivate and manage the staff with consistence and fairness, evaluating and feeding back regularly on their performances, recruiting and retaining key management personnel with appropriate skills and experience in order to grow the potential of European Athletics as a whole.