Athletics Data Conference

Digital transformation
European Athletics

Digital transformation

The 2018 Athletics Data Conference - AthTech18 - will be held from 9 -11 October 2018 in Gijon, Spain.

 The Conference will be co-hosted by W3C Spain and ReportLab. Details of the venue and agenda are available here.

The Conference itself will take place over the first two days but an additional day has been set aside for group meetings, networking and more informal presentations and collaboration,

The overall aim of this third annual conference is to help athletics move forward, with a strong focus on data management and interoperability. European Athletics has been working on a digital strategy for the sport, building a common infrastructure to guarantee interoperability between all stakeholders: regional/national federations, sports clubs, associations, event organisers, media agencies, and the public in general.

The objectives of the Conference are to extend discussion of the European and global requirements of athletics management systems to implement a standard to collect, process, publish and share athletics information (athletes, teams, governing bodies, participation in competitions, results, issues and results, etc.).

This event will serve as a forum to search for a common solution built on top of the existing local platforms to share athletics information in a common way.

Minutes of AthTech17 can be found here.