Athletics Data Conference

Athletics Data Conference
European Athletics

AthTech is a two-day annual conference organised by European Athletics in conjunction with the members of the W3C OpenTrack Community Group – CTIC/W3C Spain Office, and Report Lab – with the aim of standardising athletics competition technical management and with a strong focus on data management.

As part of this initiative, European Athletics hopes to assist in the standardisation of competition data structures by building a common infrastructure that guarantees data interoperability between all stakeholders: regional/national federations, sports clubs, associations, event organisers, media agencies and the public in general.

This standard infrastructure for athletics data management will enable greater effectiveness and efficiency in the process of collecting and sharing data on a global scale.

The open data paradigm is followed, encouraging the publication of data in standard formats and under permissive re-use licences. This will allow the creation of services and products – whether made by federations or by third parties – that will affect the sport in a positive way.

In turn, the aim is to federate resources in an automatic way; establish common identifiers for athletes, clubs and other entities; access better reports; track competition issues and records; have centralised up-to-date rankings; create and publish live results; create new services and products using the data.

The conference invites athletics federations, clubs and event organisers to present their experiences on competition management, such as how information is collected during a competition, how entries are registered, how/where results are published etc..

The main objective of the conference is to understand the European and global requirements of athletics management systems and implement standards to collect, process, publish and share athletics data (athletes, teams, governing bodies, participation in competitions, results, issues and results etc).

This event will serve as a discussion forum to search for a common solution built on top of the existing local platforms to share athletics information in a common way.

The second AthTech conference was held in Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Portugal, on 5-6 October 2017.