Coaching Summit Series

Coaching summit series
European Athletics

In response to the demand from coaches for practice-oriented conferences focused on a small number of disciplines, European Athletics launched its Coaching Summit Series in 2008.

A ‘summit' is both a high place or peak and a high-level meeting … and both senses apply to the conferences in this series. They bring together top athletes, leading coaches and sport scientists at venues where there is specific expertise or a strong tradition in a particular event.

The programme of each summit includes presentations, practical demonstrations, small group workshops, round table discussions and plenty of opportunities for the participants to discuss all aspects of their event with colleagues and stars from around the world. 

The aim of the Summit Series is to cover all the athletics disciplines in a two to three year cycle.

European Athletics works closely with and provides financial support to the independent organisers of the summits, thereby assuring participants a quality learning experience.

European Athletics provides scholarships to help Member Federations send coaches to participate in the summits.

Member Federations are eligible for scholarships worth up to CHF 800, that can be applied towards the travel and accommodation costs of sending participants to any of the conferences in the European Athletics Coaching Summit Series or to the European Athletics Coaches Association Festival of Athletics Coaching.

In 2016, a total of 50 scholarships worth 20,000 CHF were paid out.

Federations that wish to take advantage of this offer in 2017 should simply send an e-mail to the European Athletics Development Co-ordinator Marc Sintes ( stating the name(s) of the coach(es) and the conference(s) they will be attending. 

When confirmation of attendance by the coach(es) has been received from the conference organisers, the payment will be made directly to the federation's account.

Please note that scholarships will not be paid in advance or directly to the organisers.

International Festival of Athletics Coaching
Venue: Coni Olympic Training Centre. Formia, ITA
Dates: 27-29 October 2017
Contact: Jamie Bowie (

European Horizontal Jumps and Hurdles Symposium
Venue: Lugnet Sport Centre. Falun, SWE
Dates: 10-12 November 2017
Contact: Anders Rydén (

European Throwing Conference
Venue: Loughborough University High Performance Athletics Centre. Loughborough, GBR
Dates: 10-12 November 2017
Contact: David Parker (
Bookings (closing date 31 October 2017):

Pajulahti Endurance Conference
Venue: Pajulahti Olympic Training Center. Lahti, FIN
Dates: 24-26 November 2017
Contact: Nikke Vilmi (