European Athletics

2017 Convention - Vilnius, LTU

Age Group Championships Opportunities

Age Group Opportunities - the Member Federation Perspective

Age Group Opportunities - the City Perspective

Age Group Opportunities - the City Events Perspective

European Athletics Age Group Opportunities

Child Protection Workshop

Data Project Workshop - European Athletics Data Project

Data Project Workshop - ReportLab and OpenTrack

EU Funding Workshop - POINTS + ONSIDE

EU Funding Workshop - Erasmus + Sport

I Run Clean Workshop - Clean Sport Education - UKAD

I Run Clean Workshop - Doping False Start - A La Torre

I Run Clean Workshop - I Run Clean Value Based Learning

Member Leaders Forum - Constitutional Reform

Member Leaders Forum - Dynamic New Athletics

Member Leaders Forum - EOC-EG

Member Leaders Forum - I Run Clean

Member Leaders Forum - Member Federation and Governance

New Leaders Workshop

2017 High Performance Conference - Vienna, AUT

Conclusions & Methodology of the 2013 Conference - Bill Glad

Best National Systems for Jumps - Wolfgang Ritzdorf

Best National Systems for Sprints, Running, Walking - Elio Locatelli

Best National Systems for Jumps - René Sack

Medal analysis from Rio & Amsterdam, look towards 2020 - Frank Dick

Pathway from Successful Juniors to Successful Seniors - Idriss Gonschinska

Case Study of three medallists' career path through timeline and targets - Piotr Haczek

Developing High Performance Systems - Marco Cardinale

Outlook on Future of CECS digitalisation - Gunter Lange

Debrief from Best Performers Workshops

Debrief from Medallists Career Path Workshops

2016 Convention – Funchal, POR

EU Funding Workshop - Erasmus+ Project

EU Funding Workshop - Erasmus+

MF Governance Workshop - EA2016

MF Governance Workshop - Presentation Case Study

MF Governance Workshop - SIGGS EAA Funchal

MF Leaders Forum - Delivering Change

MF Leaders Forum - European Athletics Governance Policy

MF Leaders Forum - Events & Competition

MF Leaders Forum - Innovation

MF Leaders Forum - Member Federations Development


Clubs - Systems Report

Clubs - EFS Reims

Clubs - Fit4Life

Clubs - Grassroots Athletics Organisations in Eastern Europe

Clubs - IFK Lidingo

Clubs - Sparta Copenhagen 

Clubs - The ECCC Layout


Youth - Activities Report

Youth - Athletics 365

Youth - Athletics Movements

Youth - Kids Athletics in Czech Republic

Youth - Kids Athletics in Hungary

Youth - Multi Events or Event Specialisation

Youth - Pass'Athlé

Youth - Skole Olympics

Youth - TineStafetten