European Athletics

2018 European Athletics Coaches Club - Berlin, GER

Berlin 2018 European Athletics Coaches Club presentation - day 1

Berlin 2018 European Athletics Coaches Club presentation - day 2

Berlin 2018 European Athletics Coaches Club presentation - day 3

Martin Bingisser - Finding function: exercise selection to strengthen movement

Berlin 2018 European Athletics Coaches Club presentation - day 4

Berlin 2018 European Athletics Coaches Club presentation - day 5

Berlin 2018 European Athletics Coaches Club presentation - day 6

Berlin 2018 European Athletics Coaches Club presentation - day 7

2018 Women's Leadership Seminar - Brussels, BEL

The EOC EU Office in Brussels

Gender Equality in Sport and the European Commission

IOC and EOC Policy in Gender Equality

Academic Perspectives on Leadership

Profiling Leadership

Leadership and Team Roles

Successful Leaders in Athletics

Gender Leadership



2018 CEO Conference - Minsk, BLR

Welcome and Introduction

EBU's Future in Sport

Adapting to the Reality

Berlin 2018

DNA and the European Games

Renewing EA's Commercial Strategy

Member Federations Governance - Part 1

Latvia - Case Study Member Federations and Governance

Gender Equity in Member Federations

Focus Federation Programme

Sweden - Case Study Member Federations and Governance

Member Federations Governance - Part 2

I Run Clean

Data Project

2018 Communication Managers Seminar - Berlin, GER

Striking new paths in Athletics. Berlin 2018: More than a European Championships

Berlin-Glasgow European Championships strategy

I Run Clean

The Particularities of the European Championships: Relevant Media Information

LiveWire Sport

Dynamic New Athletics: Rolling out Across the Federations

European Championships overview

2018 Kids Athletics Activators Seminar - Samokov, BUL

Kids Athletics in Belarus

Kids Athletics in Czech Republic

Kids Athletics in Denmark

Kids Athletics in Hungary

Kids Athletics in the Netherlands

Traditional Uganda Games: Developing Gross Movement

2017 Coaches Management System Seminar - Cologne, GER

HP Coach: Leader, Performer & Learner

The Practices and Developmental Pathways of Professional and Olympic Serial Winning Coaches

The Anatomy of a Successful Olympic Coach: Actor, Agent, and Author

Serial Winning Coaches: People, Vision, and Environment

NEO Five-Factor Inventory-3

Serial Winners – Personal Strivings Matrix

Athlete Centred - Professor Frank Dick

Coach Led - Professor Frank Dick

The Coaches' Charter

IAAF CECS Digital Developmental Center

Elite Coaches:

Long Term Athlete Development vs. Actual Practice (Competition)

Punkttabellen (M)

Punkttabellen (W)

Quality in Sport Coaching Model (QSCM)

European Sport Coaching Framework

ICCE Quality in Sport Coaching Self Assessment Tool

ICCE International Framework for Coach Developers

How to get a tailor-made Coach Management System which will work ?

How to design a Coach Management System that will match the needs of my National Federation.

Klaus Oltmanns - Coach Management System Seminar

CM Mallett Value creation exemplar

2017 European Running Business Conference - Frankfurt, GER 

The World of Running - Where are we Heading?

Running in Europe - Carlo Capalbo

Running in Asia - Guy Horne

Running in USA - Rich Harshbarger

Idea Labs - How to Improve Your Race

Classics (Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K) - Asimakopoulos and Dimakos

Nature - Staffan Movin

Fun and Adventure - Carina Raaholt and Claus Dietz

Running Communities and Trend Setting - ASICS FrontRunner - Jan Erik Kruse

Commercial Perspectives on Running Communities

Mikkeller Running Club - Soren Runge

ASICS Front Runner - Jan Erik Kruse

Changes in the industry

GOLAZO & Great Run - Bob Verbeeck

Competitor Group - Tracy Sundlun (former SVP)

Know your Runners and Make Sure You Reach Them

Know Your Runners and Make Sure You Reach Them - Niclas Kuipers

Running For All and All For Running - Prof. Jeroen Scheerder

Social and Digital Media Strategy - Eline Andersen

Attracting Runners with Ambassadors - Nai Vasha

Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

Mainova Frankfurt Marathon

Pick the Brains and Grab the Experience - Top Minds in the industry

London Marathon - Nick Bitel

Tokyo Marathon - Ted Hayano

Valencia Marathon - Paco Borao

Digital Solutions That Can Improve Your Race

Effective Race Management - Vaclav Skrivanek

Effective Race Management - Michel Schrama

Promote Your Race - Grzegorz Lagowski

Promote Your Race - Jiao Li

Loyalty and Membership Programmes - Saso Belovski

Loyalty and Membership Programmes - Staffan Movin

10 minutes pitches by Start-ups and Innovators

Evenager by RunME - Klaus Adelmann

Racefox - Magnus Jonsson

Eventico - Gustaf Bohman

MYLAPS - Rick van Leersum

PIC2GO - Eitan Hefetz

SPORTYWE - Amir Palmen

Lagardere - Guy Horne

Sport for All Strategies

European Week of Sport - Alexander Bielefeld

European Athletics Running for All - Jakob Larsen

IAAF - IAAF Road Running Manager Alessio Punzi

German Athletics Federation - Dr. Matthias Reick

2017 Convention - Vilnius, LTU

Age Group Championships Opportunities

Age Group Opportunities - the Member Federation Perspective

Age Group Opportunities - the City Perspective

Age Group Opportunities - the City Events Perspective

European Athletics Age Group Opportunities

Child Protection Workshop

Data Project Workshop - European Athletics Data Project

Data Project Workshop - ReportLab and OpenTrack

EU Funding Workshop - POINTS + ONSIDE

EU Funding Workshop - Erasmus + Sport

I Run Clean Workshop - Clean Sport Education - UKAD

I Run Clean Workshop - Doping False Start - A La Torre

I Run Clean Workshop - I Run Clean Value Based Learning

Member Leaders Forum - Constitutional Reform

Member Leaders Forum - Dynamic New Athletics

Member Leaders Forum - EOC-EG

Member Leaders Forum - I Run Clean

Member Leaders Forum - Member Federation and Governance

New Leaders Workshop

2017 High Performance Conference - Vienna, AUT

Conclusions & Methodology of the 2013 Conference - Bill Glad

Best National Systems for Jumps - Wolfgang Ritzdorf

Best National Systems for Sprints, Running, Walking - Elio Locatelli

Best National Systems for Jumps - René Sack

Medal analysis from Rio & Amsterdam, look towards 2020 - Frank Dick

Pathway from Successful Juniors to Successful Seniors - Idriss Gonschinska

Case Study of three medallists' career path through timeline and targets - Piotr Haczek

Developing High Performance Systems - Marco Cardinale

Outlook on Future of CECS digitalisation - Gunter Lange

Debrief from Best Performers Workshops

Debrief from Medallists Career Path Workshops

2016 Convention – Funchal, POR

EU Funding Workshop - Erasmus+ Project

EU Funding Workshop - Erasmus+

MF Governance Workshop - EA2016

MF Governance Workshop - Presentation Case Study

MF Governance Workshop - SIGGS EAA Funchal

MF Leaders Forum - Delivering Change

MF Leaders Forum - European Athletics Governance Policy

MF Leaders Forum - Events & Competition

MF Leaders Forum - Innovation

MF Leaders Forum - Member Federations Development


Clubs - Systems Report

Clubs - EFS Reims

Clubs - Fit4Life

Clubs - Grassroots Athletics Organisations in Eastern Europe

Clubs - IFK Lidingo

Clubs - Sparta Copenhagen 

Clubs - The ECCC Layout


Youth - Activities Report

Youth - Athletics 365

Youth - Athletics Movements

Youth - Kids Athletics in Czech Republic

Youth - Kids Athletics in Hungary

Youth - Multi Events or Event Specialisation

Youth - Pass'Athlé

Youth - Skole Olympics

Youth - TineStafetten 

2016 CEO Conference – Minsk, BLR

Building Brand Value in Athletics - J. Tibbs - 8 April

Video - Nike, There's No Off Season

Video - PUMA Usain Bolt Special Delivery Forever Faster

Video - Tiger Woods loses his first major sponsor

Video - Tiger Woods "I'm deeply sorry."

Maria Sharapova admits failed drug test

Governance and the Values of Sport - B. Minikin - 8 April

Amsterdam 2016 Report - R. van Haperen - 8 April

Video - ISSFA EK100days

Brand Building through Innovation - L. Varhanik - 9 April

The Role of Strategic Communications in Brand Building - D. Karamarinov - 9 April

ABAF Presentation - D. Karamarinov - 9 April

LiveWire Presentation - N. Pakieto - 9 April

Video - LiveWire reel

Digital Strategy for Sports Organisations - C. Greenwood - 9 April

Communications Case Study - Serbia

Communications Case Study - Monaco

Perspectives on Communications in Sport - E. Andersen - 10 April

Video - Perspectives in Communications film

Video - We Love Bikes in Denmark

Breakout Group Work Report - 10 April

Closing Remarks - S-A Hansen - 10 April