Green Inspiration
European Athletics

Making Athletics Green
All of us have a responsibility to respect the environment and contribute to society, in other words to act in a sustainable way.

Apart from doing the right thing, sports and sport events with a commitment to sustainability stand to benefit from enhanced public image, increased resources from image–conscious sponsors and public authorities, and reduced costs through improved efficiency.

At the European Athletics Head Office, we have demonstrated our commitment through an internal sustainability charter, entitled “Our Green Lifestyle”, for resource conservation, reducing environmental waste and setting a good example for others

We are also helping all levels of the sport to promote sustainability and integrate good practice through our SSET and Green Inspiration projects.

What is Green Inspiration?
The Green Inspiration project was created in 2013 to help athletics' major event organisers engage the public in locally focused projects that promote both sustainability and the event.

Any club or individual fan can design a project and be recognised with a Green Inspiration label given by organisers and their partners on behalf of European Athletics.

Project examples include protecting the environment, teaching good lifestyle habits, helping others get fit, physical education and promoting awareness about sustainability issues.

As a part of the project we have created a web tool that organisers can use to challenge the public to become “Eco Champions” through simple good deeds inspired by their event, such as leaving the car at home and using public transport or walking for the day. 

What is the SSET?
In 2009, European Athletics launched an online tool for incorporating best practice into the planning and delivery of sports events – the Sustainable Sport and Event Toolkit (SSET) – and made it available to all Member Federations, clubs and athletics event organisers in Europe, free of charge.

The SSET provides a framework, guidelines and a growing information database that make it possible for any athletics event - in stadium, road race, cross country or mountain running - to easily manage and benefit from activities that positively impact the physical and social environment.

To develop the SSET, we worked together with the Lausanne-based International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS) and the Organising Committee for the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver (VANOC) with support from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Events Scotland.