Voting is open for European Athlete of the Month: July 2019

Athlete of the Month
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The men's and women's European Athlete of the Month voting for July is now open across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

The voting closes across all three platforms at 12:00pm CET on Tuesday 6 August. You can cast your vote by either retweeting or liking the graphic of the athlete for whom you want to nominate on Twitter, by liking or sharing the corresponding graphic on Facebook or by liking the same graphic on Instagram. You can also vote for more than one athlete. 

Please note that only likes and retweets cast on the original image will be counted. Likes and retweets cast on any quoted or shared images will not be counted. The votes across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are combined in order to decide who will be named men’s and women’s European Athlete of the Month. 

Five male and five female athletes are nominated purely based on their performances in the previous month. No athlete who has served a doping ban of two years or longer can be nominated for the award.      

The European Athlete of the Month initiative was launched in January 2007 and is designed to recognise outstanding performances set by European athletes. 

Women's nominees

Men's nominees