European Athletics

The throwers starting position in the ring is with their back facing the direction of the throw.

The thrower then rotates one and half times, accelerating all the while before delivering the throw.

When the discus leaves the hand, it can be done either with a foot switch, which means that the thrower swivels around one more time on one leg after the throw.

Or it can be without a foot switch, which means that the thrower finishes the throw standing still on both feet.

The speed of a discus at the time of leaving the hands of a thrower can be about 26m/s for men and a little slower for women.

The weight of a discus is 2kg for men with a diameter of 220mm while for women it weights around 1kg with a diameter of 181mm.

The ring is made of concrete and has a diameter of 250cm.

The hammer and shot put ring have a smaller diameter of 214cm.