Heptathlon (women)

Heptathlon (women)
European Athletics

The heptathlon consists of three running events, two jumping events and two throwing events, all carried out over two days.

Day1: 100m hurdles, high jump, shot put and 200m.

Day2: long jump, javelin and 800m.

Heptathletes receive points in each event, according to a scoring table. Therefore the results and not the placing are the most important thing. For instance, a result of 1000 points corresponds to the following: 13.85 in the 100m hurdles, 1.82m in the high jump, 17.87m in the shot, 23.20 in the 200m, 6.48m in the long jump, 57.18 in the javelin and 2.07.63 in the 800m.

The main qualities of a heptathlete are speed, strength and especially dynamism. High concentration levels are required throughout the two days of the event.