European Athletics

The run-up is more or less the same for men and women, 25 to 30 meters.

At the end of a run-up, the men attain a speed of 7.5 m/s while the women gain a speed of 6.5m/s.

In terms of technique, the most important movement for a right hand thrower is a quick stop with the left foot and a delayed arm movement so as to get the whole body behind the Javelin.

Finally a distinct blocking by the left side of the body is important to get as much energy as possible behind the javelin.

At the time of the throw, 75-80 percent of the speed is generated in about 0.15 seconds.

The javelin speed increases from about 30km/h to close to 110km/h.

For women the speed increases from about 28km/h to about 95km/h.

The weight of a javelin for men is 800gms and its length varies between 260cm to 270cm, while the women's javelin weight is around 60gms and has a length of 220-230cm.