Emmanuel BIRON

Passport photo of 138529-biron-emmanuel France

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born29 July 1988Age
Height178 cm Weight65 kg
Club / TeamEntente Sud Lyonnais*
European Bronze Medallist 20124x100m Relay
5th at World Championships 20154x100m Relay
6th at World Indoor Championships 201260m
European U23 Championships Silver Medallist 20094x100m Relay
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
60m26.60i25 Feb 2012AubièreOutdoor
100m710.1717 Jul 2015MonacoOutdoor
150m115.9021 Sep 2013PoitiersOutdoor
200m221.2106 May 2012Aix-les-BainsOutdoor
60m Hurdles58.30i28 Jan 2006MondevilleOutdoor
60m Hurdles (99cm)17.83i05 Feb 2006AubièreOutdoor
110m Hurdles (91.4cm)213.7113 Jul 2005MarrakechOutdoor
110m Hurdles (99cm)314.2102 Sep 2006MilanoOutdoor
Long Jump17.9605 Jul 2009BondoufleOutdoor
60m26.60i25 Feb 2012AubièreIndoor
60m Hurdles58.30i28 Jan 2006MondevilleIndoor
60m Hurdles (99cm)17.83i05 Feb 2006AubièreIndoor
Long Jump17.61i25 Feb 2006AnconaIndoor