Kajsa BARR

Passport photo of 159321-barr-kajsa Sweden

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Born16 April 1992Age
Club / TeamSundbybergs IK
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
100m413.1409 Aug 2011SollentunaOutdoor
200m426.5709 Aug 2011SollentunaOutdoor
300m543.5020 Aug 2007StockholmOutdoor
400m458.4405 Jul 2011StockholmOutdoor
600m11:33.8006 Jul 2013UppsalaOutdoor
800m22:09.2703 Jul 2011MannheimOutdoor
1000m12:52.8414 Jul 2011StockholmOutdoor
1500m84:18.2023 Jul 2013KarlstadOutdoor
One Mile95:00.74i26 Feb 2012Birmingham ALOutdoor
2000 m26:43.8h20 May 2011SollentunaOutdoor
3000m29:30.3328 Jun 2013Göteborg/UOutdoor
400m161.07i14 Feb 2010SätraIndoor
800m12:15.77i07 Feb 2010SätraIndoor
1000m13:00.58i10 Feb 2009SätraIndoor
1500m14:36.38i10 Feb 2010Stockholm/GIndoor