Sebastian CHMARA

Passport photo of 201739-chmara-sebastian Poland

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born21 November 1971Age
Height194 cm Weight76 kg
Club / TeamN/A
World Indoor Champion 1999Heptathlon
European Indoor Champion 1998Heptathlon
World University Games Silver Medallist 1995Decathlon
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
60mH7.12i28 Feb 1998ValenciaOutdoor
100mD11.0430 May 1998GötzisOutdoor
400mD47.7619 Aug 1998BudapestOutdoor
1000mH2:37.86i07 Mar 1999MaebashiOutdoor
1500mD4:26.9601 Aug 1996Atlanta GAOutdoor
60m Hurdles37.92i06 Mar 1998SpałaOutdoor
110m HurdlesD14.2513 Sep 1998TalenceOutdoor
High JumpH2.17i28 Feb 1998ValenciaOutdoor
Pole Vault25.30i21 Feb 1999SpałaOutdoor
Long JumpH7.65i28 Feb 1998ValenciaOutdoor
Shot PutD16.0316 May 1998Alhama de MurciaOutdoor
Discus ThrowD44.3917 May 1998Alhama de MurciaOutdoor
Javelin ThrowD57.2517 May 1998Alhama de MurciaOutdoor
Pentathlon43818i15 Mar 2001WarszawaOutdoor
Decathlon1856617 May 1998Alhama de MurciaOutdoor