Francesca DOVERI

Passport photo of 133337-doveri-francesca Italy

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born21 December 1982Age
Height179 cm Weight64 kg
Club / TeamC.S. Esercito
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
100m111.9003 Jun 2012OrvietoOutdoor
200mH24.3202 Jul 2011BressanoneOutdoor
400m155.1503 Jun 2012OrvietoOutdoor
800mH2:11.5529 Jun 2008JyväskyläOutdoor
55 m hurdles17.87i12 Feb 2008FirenzeOutdoor
60m Hurdles28.30i19 Feb 2011AnconaOutdoor
100m HurdlesH13.3308 May 2010Desenzano del GardaOutdoor
300 m hurdles240.6503 May 2013FirenzeOutdoor
400m Hurdles456.6527 Jun 2013MersinOutdoor
High Jump11.7926 Jun 1999ReutlingenOutdoor
Long JumpP6.29i01 Feb 2009AnconaOutdoor
Shot PutH12.7207 May 2011Desenzano del GardaOutdoor
Javelin ThrowH36.2825 Apr 2010SoffianoOutdoor
Pentathlon14423i01 Feb 2009AnconaOutdoor
Heptathlon3598808 May 2011Desenzano del GardaOutdoor