Yordanka DONKOVA

Passport photo of 180555-donkova-yordanka Bulgaria

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born28 September 1961Age
Height175 cm Weight67 kg
Club / Team4968
Olympic Champion 1988100m Hurdles
World Indoor Silver Medallist 198760m Hurdles
Olympic Bronze Medallist 1992100m Hurdles
European Champion 1986100m Hurdles
3 European Indoor Golds 198760m Hurdles
198960m Hurdles
199460m Hurdles
European Silver Medallist 1982100m Hurdles
3 European Indoor Bronzes 198260m Hurdles
198460m Hurdles
199260m Hurdles
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
60m67.53i07 Mar 1982MilanoOutdoor
100m211.2714 Aug 1982SofiaOutdoor
200m122.9516 Sep 1982BerlinOutdoor
60m Hurdles17.74i14 Feb 1987SofiaOutdoor
100m Hurdles112.2120 Aug 1988Stara ZagoraOutdoor
Heptathlon7624011 Sep 1983SofiaOutdoor
60m67.53i07 Mar 1982MilanoIndoor
60m Hurdles17.74i14 Feb 1987SofiaIndoor
100m HurdlesP13.24i04 Jul 1980SofiaIndoor