Francisco Javier FERNÁNDEZ

Passport photo of 144284-fernandez-francisco-javier Spain

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born06 March 1977Age
Height175 cm Weight65 kg
Club / TeamAgrupaejido
Olympic Silver Medallist 200420km Race Walk
3 World Championships Silvers 200320km Race Walk
200520km Race Walk
200720km Race Walk
2 European Golds 200220km Race Walk
200620km Race Walk
European Bronze Medallist 199820km Race Walk
7th at Olympic Games 200820km Race Walk
7th at Olympic Games 200020km Race Walk
World Junior Champion 199610,000m Race Walk
European U23 Championships Silver Medallist 199720km Race Walk
European Junior Championships Silver Medallist 199510,000m Race Walk
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
3000m Race Walk111:14.6302 Jul 2011CorkOutdoor
5000m Race Walk118:24.13i17 Feb 2007BelfastOutdoor
10,000m Race Walk137:53.0927 Jul 2008Santa Cruz de TenerifeOutdoor
5km Race Walk119:1608 Dec 2006GranadaOutdoor
10km Race Walk138:1204 Mar 2006MadridOutdoor
20km Race Walk11:17:2228 Apr 2002TurkuOutdoor
30 km walk12:07:3420 Dec 2008DublinOutdoor
50km Race Walk13:41:0201 Mar 2009San Pedro del PinatarOutdoor
5000m Race Walk118:24.13i17 Feb 2007BelfastIndoor