Marie Charlotte GASTAUD

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Born30 November 1999Age
Club / TeamN/A
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
60m8.33i28 Jan 2017MontpellierOutdoor
100m13.1429 Apr 2017SavonaOutdoor
200m27.94i29 Jan 2017MontpellierOutdoor
400m64.32i14 Jan 2018MontpellierOutdoor
400m Hurdles75.6619 May 2018AvignonOutdoor
High Jump1.4519 May 2018AvignonOutdoor
Triple Jump9.3121 May 2017AubagneOutdoor
60m8.33i28 Jan 2017MontpellierIndoor
200m27.94i29 Jan 2017MontpellierIndoor
400m64.32i14 Jan 2018MontpellierIndoor