Aleksandra GAWORSKA

Passport photo of 240783-gaworska-aleksandra Poland

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Born07 November 1995Age
Club / TeamKS AZS AWF Kraków
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
200m124.5727 May 2017ŁódźOutdoor
300m138.01i10 Feb 2018SpałaOutdoor
400m252.4502 Jun 2017BydgoszczOutdoor
500m11:08.6506 May 2018KrakówOutdoor
300 m hurdles141.6713 May 2017KrakówOutdoor
400m Hurdles156.8704 Jun 2017RadomOutdoor
200m224.61i10 Feb 2018SpałaIndoor
300m138.01i10 Feb 2018SpałaIndoor
400m452.63i18 Feb 2018ToruńIndoor