Passport photo of 265428-gunnell-sally Great Britain

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born29 July 1966Age
Club / TeamN/A
Olympic Champion 1992400m Hurdles
World Champion 1993400m Hurdles
World Championships Silver Medallist 1991400m Hurdles
European Champion 1994400m Hurdles
European Indoor Champion 1989400m
5th at Olympic Games 1988400m Hurdles
6th at World Indoor Championships 1989400m
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
200mH24.6727 Aug 1983SchwechatOutdoor
300m136.4430 Jul 1993GatesheadOutdoor
400m151.0420 Jul 1994GatesheadOutdoor
800mH2:18.9528 Aug 1983SchwechatOutdoor
60m Hurdles58.35i21 Feb 1987LiévinOutdoor
100m Hurdles112.8217 Aug 1988ZürichOutdoor
200 m hurdles124.0812 Sep 1993ThurrockOutdoor
400m Hurdles152.7419 Aug 1993StuttgartOutdoor
High JumpH1.6027 Aug 1983SchwechatOutdoor
Long JumpH5.7428 Aug 1983SchwechatOutdoor
Shot PutH9.4927 Aug 1983SchwechatOutdoor
Javelin, old modelH29.4828 Aug 1983SchwechatOutdoor
Heptathlon13523228 Aug 1983SchwechatOutdoor
400m151.72i06 Mar 1994SindelfingenIndoor
60m Hurdles58.35i21 Feb 1987LiévinIndoor