Jaak-Heinrich JAGOR

Passport photo of 151568-jagor-jaak-heinrich Estonia

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Born11 May 1990Age
Club / TeamTartu SS Kalev
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
60m47.21i26 Dec 2016PärnuOutdoor
100m111.0708 Jul 2017VinniOutdoor
200m421.9703 Jun 2018TartuOutdoor
300m134.56i31 Jan 2016TallinnOutdoor
400m147.54i18 Feb 2017TallinnOutdoor
800m61:57.91i19 Feb 2017TallinnOutdoor
1000m2:55.91i01 Mar 2009TallinnOutdoor
60m Hurdles28.05i18 Feb 2012TartuOutdoor
60m Hurdles (99cm)18.13i24 Jan 2009TallinnOutdoor
110m Hurdles (99cm)114.1218 May 2009PaikuseOutdoor
110m Hurdles414.7909 Aug 2011ViljandiOutdoor
300 m hurdles1342.3428 Jun 2007RakvereOutdoor
400m Hurdles249.3709 Aug 2015TallinnOutdoor
High Jump31.94i26 Dec 2015PärnuOutdoor
Pole Vault83.3012 Sep 2009TüriOutdoor