Ricarda LOBE

Passport photo of 127949-lobe-ricarda Germany

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Born13 April 1994Age
Club / TeamMTG Mannheim
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
60m37.42i15 Jan 2017MannheimOutdoor
100m111.5318 Jul 2017BellinzonaOutdoor
200m123.8703 Aug 2016PfungstadtOutdoor
60m Hurdles37.99i18 Feb 2017LeipzigOutdoor
60m Hurdles (76.2cm)18.56i18 Jan 2009PotsdamOutdoor
100m Hurdles, 76.2 cm113.8821 Aug 2011ForstOutdoor
100m Hurdles312.9009 Aug 2018BerlinOutdoor
60m37.42i15 Jan 2017MannheimIndoor
60m Hurdles37.99i18 Feb 2017LeipzigIndoor
60m Hurdles (76.2cm)18.56i18 Jan 2009PotsdamIndoor