Nathalie LOUBELE

Passport photo of 132360-loubele-nathalie Belgium

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Born25 January 1967Age
Club / TeamBBS
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
1500m124:28.9811 Jul 2010BrasschaatOutdoor
3000m9:36.1810 Aug 2010VilvoordeOutdoor
5000m716:32.3411 Jul 2004BruxellesOutdoor
10,000m435:20.4306 Jul 2005VilvoordeOutdoor
20km775:1901 May 2006MaroillesOutdoor
Half Marathon5681:2304 Oct 2003VilamouraOutdoor
Marathon12:45:0102 Oct 2004KustOutdoor
1500m14:36.1420 Feb 2011GentIndoor
3000m19:51.6h22 Mar 2007HelsinkiIndoor