Stefano MEI

Passport photo of 175942-mei-stefano Italy

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born03 February 1963Age
Club / TeamN/A
European Champion 198610,000m
European Silver Medallist 19865000m
European Indoor Silver Medallist 19863000m
European Bronze Medallist 199010,000m
7th at Olympic Games 19885000m
8th at World Indoor Championships 19893000m
World University Games Champion 19895000m
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
1500m33:34.5707 Sep 1986RietiOutdoor
One Mile73:55.9601 Sep 1983RomaOutdoor
2000 m14:58.6515 Aug 1984ViareggioOutdoor
3000m27:42.8515 Jul 1986NiceOutdoor
Two Miles28:22.6227 Sep 1989TrapaniOutdoor
5000m213:11.5731 Aug 1986StuttgartOutdoor
10,000m427:43.9705 Jul 1986OsloOutdoor
1500m13:39.55i03 Feb 1985TorinoIndoor
2000 m15:05.68i31 Jan 1992KarlsruheIndoor
3000m17:46.46i01 Feb 1986BudapestIndoor