Passport photo of 131525-marghieva-zalina Moldova

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Born05 February 1988Age
Height174 cm Weight90 kg
Club / TeamAS, AS-CSPLN


2009 European under-23 Champion, but most of her results since then disqualified due to doping.

7 World Youth 2005; 4 WJC 2006; 5 EJC 2007; dnq OLY 2008; 1 under-23 ECH 2009; dq ECH 2010 (originally 5th) (2012-dq (originally 8th); dq WSG 2011 (originally 1st) (2009-dq (originally 8th)); dq WCH 2011 (originally 8th) (2009-dq (originally dnq)); 8 WCH 2015. Younger brother-Serghei Marghiev is Moldovan HT record holder. Older sister Marina Marghieva-Niki enko was 3x Moldovan Champion before she too was suspended in 2012-2014. Their coach/father-Soslan Marghiev. 1.74/90kg.

Served two-year doping ban on 2013-2015. A re-test of her sample from Berlin 2009 was positive so in addition to that suspension, all her results were wiped from August 20, 2009, including those from two European Championships, two World Championships and two World Student Games, a title she’d originally won in 2011.

Ten days after her doping ban expired in 2015, she won the Balkan Games and established a Moldovan record of 73.97 (though that not as far as her furthest when disqualified, 74.47).

In 2016: 1 European Throws Cup; 2 Beijing; 1 Dakar; 1 Moldovan; 3 Szczecin; 1 Balkan .