Juan Manuel MOLINA

Passport photo of 143800-molina-juan-manuel Spain

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born15 March 1979Age
Height173 cm Weight67 kg
Club / TeamUCAM-Cieza Golf
World Championships Bronze Medallist 200520km Race Walk
European Bronze Medallist 200220km Race Walk
5th at Olympic Games 200420km Race Walk
Olympic finalist 200820km Race Walk
European U23 Champion 200120km Race Walk
World University Games Champion 200520km Race Walk
4th at World Junior Championships 199810km Race Walk
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
5000m Race Walk320:13.51i05 Feb 2012MoskvaOutdoor
10,000m Race Walk339:30.3628 May 2004RīgaOutdoor
20,000m Race Walk61:22:31.8h04 Sep 2001BrisbaneOutdoor
5km Race Walk319:1908 Dec 2006GranadaOutdoor
10km Race Walk338:4604 Mar 2006MadridOutdoor
20km Race Walk81:19:1910 May 2008CheboksaryOutdoor
30 km walk42:11:0513 Feb 2000El Prat de LlobregatOutdoor
50km Race Walk23:55:1219 Feb 2006LeónOutdoor
5000m Race Walk320:13.51i05 Feb 2012MoskvaIndoor