Cedric NOLF

Passport photo of 153770-nolf-cedric Belgium

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born18 June 1989Age
Height182 cm Weight82 kg
Club / TeamVAC
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
60mM7.03i09 Feb 2014GentOutdoor
100m10.7916 Aug 2015Outdoor
200m21.7916 Aug 2015Outdoor
400mD49.7427 Jun 2012HelsinkiOutdoor
1000mH2:53.85i05 Feb 2012GentOutdoor
1500mD4:51.1430 May 2011HerentalsOutdoor
60m HurdlesH8.17i05 Feb 2012GentOutdoor
110m HurdlesD14.6927 May 2012GötzisOutdoor
High JumpD1.9517 Aug 2011ShenzhenOutdoor
Pole VaultD4.9015 Jul 2011OstravaOutdoor
Long Jump17.91i21 Feb 2015GentOutdoor
Shot PutD14.2105 May 2012Desenzano del GardaOutdoor
Discus ThrowD41.6015 Jul 2011OstravaOutdoor
Javelin ThrowD66.9408 May 2011Desenzano del GardaOutdoor
Triathlon22493.00i09 Feb 2014GentOutdoor