Stanislav OLIJAR

Passport photo of 142712-olijar-stanislav Latvia

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born22 March 1979Age
Height190 cm Weight80 kg
Club / TeamNBS
World Indoor Bronze Medallist 200860m Hurdles
European Champion 2006110m Hurdles
European Indoor Champion 200060m Hurdles
European Silver Medallist 2002110m Hurdles
4th at World Indoor Championships 200660m Hurdles
4th at World Indoor Championships 200460m Hurdles
5th at Olympic Games 2004110m Hurdles
6th at World Indoor Championships 200360m Hurdles
8th at World Indoor Championships 200160m Hurdles
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
60m16.70i07 Feb 1998RīgaOutdoor
100m610.4205 Apr 2002GermistonOutdoor
200m720.9104 Apr 2003PretoriaOutdoor
400m146.6610 May 2000RīgaOutdoor
50 m hurdles26.46i23 Feb 2003LiévinOutdoor
55 m hurdles17.18i30 Jan 1999Gainesville FLOutdoor
60m Hurdles17.49i13 Feb 2002EaubonneOutdoor
110m Hurdles213.0801 Jul 2003LausanneOutdoor
Long Jump17.94i05 Jan 2000RīgaOutdoor
110m Hurdles113.7112 Feb 2001TampereIndoor
Long Jump17.9405 Jan 2000RīgaIndoor