Tiffany PORTER

Passport photo of 131704-porter-tiffany Great Britain

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born13 November 1987Age
Height172 cm Weight62 kg
Club / TeamAdidas
World Indoor Silver Medallist 201260m Hurdles
World Championships Bronze Medallist 2013100m Hurdles
2 World Indoor Bronzes 201460m Hurdles
201660m Hurdles
European Champion 2014100m Hurdles
European Indoor Silver Medallist 201160m Hurdles
European Bronze Medallist 2016100m Hurdles
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
60m17.41i22 Jan 2011Ann Arbor MIOutdoor
100m211.7017 May 2009Columbus OHOutdoor
200m223.9012 Apr 2008Tempe AZOutdoor
50 m hurdles26.83i28 Jan 2012New York NYOutdoor
55 m hurdles27.38i11 Feb 2012New York NYOutdoor
60m Hurdles27.80i04 Mar 2011ParisOutdoor
100m Hurdles212.5114 Sep 2014MarrakechOutdoor
400m Hurdles261.9601 Apr 2006Atlanta GAOutdoor
Long Jump16.4816 May 2009Columbus OHOutdoor
60m17.41i22 Jan 2011Ann Arbor MIIndoor
200m124.11i17 Jan 2009Bloomington INIndoor
50 m hurdles26.83i28 Jan 2012New York NYIndoor
55 m hurdles27.38i11 Feb 2012New York NYIndoor
60m Hurdles27.80i04 Mar 2011ParisIndoor
Long Jump26.28i28 Feb 2009Bloomington INIndoor