Christian PLAZIAT

Passport photo of 185555-plaziat-christian France

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born28 October 1963Age
Club / TeamN/A
World Indoor Champion 1995Heptathlon
European Champion 1990Decathlon
2 European Indoor Golds 1992Heptathlon
4th at World Championships 1987Decathlon
5th at Olympic Games 1988Decathlon
5th at World Indoor Championships 1997Heptathlon
6th at World Championships 1995Decathlon
6th at World Championships 1993Decathlon
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
50m15.80i26 Jan 1997Lyon-SédaillanOutdoor
60mH6.78i11 Feb 1989VittelOutdoor
100mD10.7005 Aug 1992BarcelonaOutdoor
400mD47.1028 Aug 1990SplitOutdoor
1000mH2:40.17i29 Feb 1992GenovaOutdoor
1500mD4:26.3120 Aug 1993StuttgartOutdoor
60m HurdlesH7.77i05 Feb 1995Nogent-sur-OiseOutdoor
110m Hurdles113.9204 Jul 1992Noisy-le-GrandOutdoor
400m Hurdles151.0321 Jul 1991LensOutdoor
High JumpD2.1607 Sep 1985ArlesOutdoor
Pole VaultH5.20i29 Feb 1992GenovaOutdoor
Long Jump7.9024 May 1990BraudOutdoor
Shot PutD15.0207 Sep 1985ArlesOutdoor
Discus ThrowD46.8808 Sep 1985ArlesOutdoor
Javelin ThrowD57.1028 Aug 1986StuttgartOutdoor