Maureen ROTS

Passport photo of 125340-rots-maureen Netherlands

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Born25 February 1993Age
Club / TeamAV '34
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
150m18.6209 May 2015LisseOutdoor
200mH25.4823 May 2015TilburgOutdoor
800mH2:20.6818 May 2012EmmeloordOutdoor
60m Hurdles48.83i22 Feb 2015ApeldoornOutdoor
100m Hurdles14.1406 Jun 2015GemertOutdoor
High JumpP1.72i10 Feb 2013ApeldoornOutdoor
Long JumpH5.9724 May 2015TilburgOutdoor
Shot PutH12.5308 Jun 2014ApeldoornOutdoor
Javelin ThrowH43.6205 Jul 2015AubagneOutdoor
Pentathlon23961i10 Feb 2013ApeldoornOutdoor
Heptathlon12555905 Jul 2015AubagneOutdoor
800mP2:22.3327 Jan 2013ValenciaIndoor
Long Jump55.7621 Feb 2015ApeldoornIndoor
Shot PutP12.0010 Feb 2013ApeldoornIndoor
Pentathlon2396110 Feb 2013ApeldoornIndoor