Passport photo of 133725-skujyte-austra Lithuania

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born12 August 1979Age
Height188 cm Weight82 kg
Club / TeamKaunas
Olympic Silver Medallist 2004Heptathlon
Olympic Bronze Medallist 2012Heptathlon
2 World Indoor Bronzes 2004Pentathlon
European Indoor Silver Medallist 2011Pentathlon
4th at World Championships 2005Heptathlon
5th at World Indoor Championships 2008Pentathlon
6th at World Championships 2007Heptathlon
6th at World Championships 2001Heptathlon
7th at World Championships 2011Heptathlon
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
200mH24.8220 Aug 2004AthínaOutdoor
400mD57.1914 Apr 2005Columbia MOOutdoor
800mH2:15.9221 Aug 2004AthínaOutdoor
60m HurdlesP8.57i09 Mar 2012IstanbulOutdoor
100m HurdlesH13.9629 Aug 2011DaeguOutdoor
High JumpH1.9203 Aug 2012LondonOutdoor
Pole VaultD3.2013 Apr 2006Columbia MOOutdoor
Long Jump86.39i15 Feb 2005StockholmOutdoor
Shot Put1617.8616 Aug 2009BerlinOutdoor
Discus Throw253.8910 Jul 2010KaunasOutdoor
Javelin Throw254.1008 Jul 2012KaunasOutdoor
Javelin, old modelH45.1501 Aug 1998AnnecyOutdoor
Pentathlon34802i09 Mar 2012IstanbulOutdoor
Heptathlon3659904 Aug 2012LondonOutdoor
Decathlon1835815 Apr 2005Columbia MOOutdoor