Yekaterina VOLKOVA

Passport photo of 133498-volkova-yekaterina Russia

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born16 February 1978Age
Height166 cm Weight56 kg
Club / TeamN/A
World Champion 20073000m Steeplechase
World Championships Silver Medallist 20053000m Steeplechase
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
1000m42:39.57i25 Jan 2006MoskvaOutdoor
1500m24:09.0324 Jul 2005TulaOutdoor
One Mile34:29.6015 Jun 2005TulaOutdoor
2000 m65:41.6127 May 2007SochiOutdoor
3000m48:45.09i17 Feb 2006MoskvaOutdoor
5000m115:00.0203 Aug 2007TulaOutdoor
3 km79:2929 Sep 2007NewcastleOutdoor
2000m Steeplechase26:17.95i05 Feb 2000VolgogradOutdoor
3000m Steeplechase19:06.5727 Aug 2007OsakaOutdoor
1000m42:39.57i25 Jan 2006MoskvaIndoor
1500m54:22.23i21 Jan 2002MoskvaIndoor
2000 m65:55.91i07 Jan 2006YekaterinburgIndoor
3000m48:45.09i17 Feb 2006MoskvaIndoor
2000m Steeplechase26:17.95i05 Feb 2000VolgogradIndoor
3000m Steeplechase29:37.23i26 Feb 2003MoskvaIndoor