Kostyantyn VASYUKOV

Passport photo of 143715-vasyukov-kostyantyn Ukraine

Athlete personal details which are given in the second column

Born10 January 1981Age
Height172 cm Weight70 kg
Club / Team Донецька, Д
European Champion 20024x100m Relay
European Indoor Bronze Medallist 200560m
European Junior Championships Bronze Medallist 1999100m
Athlete Major results, first column show the competition, the second the rank, then location and discipline
50m15.84i05 Feb 2005GroningenOutdoor
60m26.61i29 Jan 2004ZaporizhzhyaOutdoor
100m110.2214 Jul 2006KyivOutdoor
200m221.3206 Aug 2000KyivOutdoor
50m15.8405 Feb 2005GroningenIndoor
200m322.0422 Feb 2004SumyIndoor