Claudia Salman-Rath
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Competition officials are essential for staging athletics competitions and it is important for the sport to provide the support that ensures they are well trained, qualified and motivated as well as up to date with the latest rules, regulations and practices.

Member Federations are responsible for training and management of the competition officials who work at the local and national levels while European Athletics manages the training, certification and assignment of Area International Technical Officials whose role is to oversee and assist national officials working at the European Athletics Championships and other major international competitions.

European Athletics Race Walking Judges Panel 2019-2022

European Athletics Technical Delegates Panel 2019-2022

European Athletics Doping Control Delegates Panel 2018-2021

European Athletics International Technical Officials Panel 2018-2021

European Athletics International Starters Panel

The European Athletics Starters, VDM and Photo-finish Judges panel 2020-2024 will be named after the Starters, VDM and Photo-finish Judges course and evaluation takes place in November 2020. (This course was originally scheduled to take place on 2-5 April 2020 but postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)