Women Leaders

Maryia Badzich
Getty Images

Belarus' Maryia Badzich was presented with the Women's Leadership Award at the 2019 Golden Tracks award ceremony in Tallinn, Estonia

The first of the biennial European Athletics Women's Leadership Awards was presented at the Golden Tracks award ceremony in Tallinn, Estonia on Saturday (26).

The Women's Leadership Award was launched in 2009 to recognise outstanding women's leaders in athletics and to further promote gender equity in the sport. Each Member Federations is asked to identify one candidate for their work or accomplishments as a coach, volunteer, administrator, elected official or any other significant role away from the field of play.

The main criterion for nomination is “a significant contribution that serves as an example of leadership and other values of the sport of athletics.” This year, 17 women representing 17 Member Federations were recognised for their contributions to athletics and the first to receive their Women's Leadership Award was Maryia Badzich from Belarus who was presented with her prize and artwork during the Golden Tracks award ceremony.

The remaining winners will receive their awards and artwork prizes in local ceremonies organised by their national Member Federations. 

2019 Women's Leadership Award recipients

Maryia Badzich, Belarus
Fadila Mešak, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Eleni Georgiou, Cyprus
Helena Fibingerová, Czech Republic
Elisa Hakanen, Finland
Anne Tournier-Lasserve, France
Katalin Czeglédi, Hungary
Gudlaug Baldvinsdottir, Iceland
Brid Golden, Ireland
Anna Riccardi, Italy
Ilze Stukule, Latvia
Marjan Olyslager, Netherlands
Silvia Hanusova, Slovakia
Stina Funke, Sweden
Andrea Schneider, Switzerland
Yeliz Ay Yıldız, Turkey
Maryna Filatova, Ukraine