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The European Athletics Young Leaders Community is a platform for active young people who are interested in developing work and life skills, community service and making new friends.

It is driven by its members with support from European Athletics and its 51 Member Federations.

The aim is to use modern communications and social media tools to encourage volunteering and grassroots projects that promote athletics and help to prepare the sport’s next generation of leaders.

The Community’s Facebook page provides a unique look at the great work that young people are doing for athletics all over Europe and a means of the Community communication among themselves.

Young Leaders Forum

Every two years, the Community’s focus turns to the European Athletics Young Leaders Forum, which is staged in conjunction with the European Athletics Championships.

In 2018, the sixth edition of the Forum in Berlin saw keynote speakers including IAAF President Sebastian Coe and 68 young professionals from 44 countries participated.

The next European Athletics Young Leaders Forum will be held in conjunction with the Paris 2020 European Athletics Championships.