Israeli athletes seek to inspire the next generation

"Athletics in the Field" project
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Elite Israeli athletes are involved in a project seeking to inspire and engage the next generation of Israeli athletes

A special project initiated by the Israeli Athletics Association (IAA) is seeking to bring together Israel's top female athletes and the next generation of Israeli athletes. 

As part of the "Athletics in the Field" project, some of the country’s best-known female Israeli athletes such as multiple national record-holder Diana Vaisman as well as fellow international athletes Eden Finkelstein and Daniel Polster will travel to various clubs around the country to meet aspiring young athletes.

The athletes will talk to young athletes about their experiences of being elite athletes, including what drives them to compete. Another goal of the project is to raise the profile of the sport among the younger generation.

In the digital era where social media has such an all-encompassing presence, the athletes in the project will also discuss their involvement on social media, shedding light on this initiative and spurring future participation. 

As part of the activity, promotional material will be produced in order to help the IAA to give the sport more visibility ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - where Israel will be represented across the sporting programme - as well as the Paris 2020 European Athletics Championships at the end of August.