Filip and Henrik Ingebrigtsen bask in Jakob's 1500m success in Berlin

Ingebrigtsen brothers
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Jakob Ingebrigtsen defeated a field including older brothers Henrik and Filip for the 1500m title at the Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championships

When Filip Ingebrigtsen could finally catch his brother Jakob in the midst of his celebration, the pair shared a hug on the first bend of the Olympic Stadium, with a Norwegian flag draped over them both.

"I told him he deserved it because he has been working every day since he was nine or 10 for this," said Filip.

It was not long before Henrik joined in the fun, a momentous occasion at the Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championships which had seen the youngest brother of athletics' most famous family follow his siblings to become the 1500m gold medallist.

Jakob is not 18 until next month and what happened on Friday night was nothing short of extraordinary.

In the biggest 1500m race of the year, the youngest man to ever run in such a European final proved age, experience, know-how and nerves count for nothing if you have the ability - although he did demonstrate the racing craft of a wily veteran in the first major senior final.

As Henrik said: "He was the youngest guy in the field running like he is 10 years older than everybody else."

A runner born to be a superstar, Jakob succeed Filip, 25, as the European champion, a title which Henrik, 27, held after his victory at the distance in Helsinki in 2012.

It is an astonishing achievement for this family from Sandnes where all three boys are coached by their father Gjert Arne.

As Henrik and Filip started to digest the achievement of their teenage brother, it was easy to understand why and how it works so well. Henrik had been fourth in the race and Filip, who fallen in the heat and was left with a huge gash from a spike, had trailed in second from last but their words were packed with as much emotion as if they had won.

Thirteen men lined up for the final, but to Filip, only 10 of them were 'rivals'.

"I saw Henrik and Jakob as brothers," he said. "I have not thought about it in that way before we were standing there, but I was really proud to see three Ingebrigtsens on the starting line in a final. It will happen again for our family - maybe in 50 years there will be another family."

As they posed for a picture together, with Henrik and Filip pointing at Jakob in the middle, the chemistry between them all could be seen for the world.

And his performance was a coming-together for Jakob, the culmination of all that Henrik learned from his father, that Filip learned from them and that the youngest member of the runners learned from them all.

"There is no secret," said Henrik. "It is about continuity in our training and hard work every day, twice or three times a day, even on Christmas Day.

"Even when I won in 2012, everyone was saying it about Jakob at that point. He was that good at 11, but from a talented 11-year-old runner to being a European champion, it is long way. Everything seems to have gone his way in the last few years.

"Both Filip and him have learned from my mistakes. I have made a lot of mistakes!

"But every year we try to optimise our programme and all of training and all of your workouts and Jakob is starting his training with the perfect programmes, more or less.

"My father, me and Filip have spent years optimising the programme and making it perfect. Hopefully we will tweak it and make it even better and let us take one gold more each and then it will happen twice."

Filip said: "Henrik was leading the way and Jakob and I were just following. Henrik set the standard and he showed it was possible for Norwegians to keep up with the Europeans and also the Kenyans. He changed the mindset of Norwegian running and Jakob and me were just following and trying to beat him."

But just what is it like in training?

"It is competitive between us in a healthy way," said Filip. "Our father has the final say on the training programmes. We do not push it in every workout, we try to train smart and push each other within the limits. But the psychological rivalry between us is one of the reasons why we are competing for medals every year."

The rise of Jakob has been incredible. Since he won gold in the junior race at the SPAR Cross Country Championships in Chia in 2016, he has not looked back.

He became the youngest athlete to run the mile in under four minutes in 2017 followed by double gold at the European U20 Championships in Grosseto. He then retained his cross country crown in Samorin ahead of a silver and bronze at last month's World U20 Championships in Tampere.

But on Friday night, in front of a crowd of almost 50,000, he ran with such maturity, never looking like he would be beat as he took the race on with two laps to go to break away and hold off the surge of Polish veteran Marcin Lewandowski to win in 3:38.10.

"It is the first of many for him but it is nice bring back the European title to our town," said Filip. "I am really proud of both of my brothers, with Henrik back up there again after surgery last year and Jakob is just improving every year. Maybe this was the last chance we had to catch him.

"If someone was going to take my title, it was nice that it was one of Henrik or Jakob, especially Jakob because he did not have any senior titles."

He has now. A title that puts him in the record books, but Jakob Ingebrigtsen is becoming used to that.